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Training project in which the City Council of Lugo launches a series of actions for young people over 16 and under 30, providing them with Knowledge, skills and tools to improve their employability and facilitate their access to a quality job

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The establishment of a new business is a vehicle for certain groups of immigrants to provide social integration in many countries. While it is true that part of the immigrant population includes highly skilled workers who find it easy to

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Job insecurity in Europe particularly affects young people, determining their greater vulnerability, as the most affected age groups. The main factors are, on the one hand, the educational level, to the extent that the crisis has affected the employment of

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Working Roma

working roma

The Roma still face deep-seated prejudices in many European countries. Discrimination faced by more than 10 million Roma living in Europe is reflected in four key areas: education, housing, employment and health. This project, of a territorial nature, develop measures

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FREE Sport


The project will follow the objectives set by the Erasmus + Sport call, aiming to promote voluntary sport activities in six EU countries, enhancing physical activity among youth and general citizenship, and turning each city in one free sport space,

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With the main objective of promoting all kinds of variety of traditional “pelota” games that are being played in Europe, and bring them closer to younger generations and a wider range of citizens. The activity work programme includes informative activities

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Young, skilled, well–educated and still jobless. There´s a growing mismatch between the skills that young people have and the positions they are offered on the job market. Nowadays, young people find it hard to find positions that suit their qualifications

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Work in tolerance

Romani people

This project, territorial, develop measures and actions in several European cities, all with high percentages of roma population. For this, they will carry out awareness-raising, training and social dynamics, social and labor market, knowledge of migratory contexts and promoting the

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Tree torrent


Developed on behalf of Fundación Más Arboles, with the support of the City of Villena (Alicante), and forwarded to the convening of the European LIFE program. The objective is the development of a source generated from the regulated water from

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Winds from Europe

Construcción de un órgano

The project proposes the development of organ music, by conducting seminars and exchanges from four music entities in EU countries. It proposes the creation of a network for permanent cooperation, recovery and development of organ music, enhancing the visibility of

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