About us

General Information

A.G.P. group is an European non-profit making Association created within a group of European Union´s different countries professionals. The last ones, are specialized in different professional fields and they form a multidisciplinary group in order to achieve theirs shared objectives.

Our activities are aimed in the direction of the technique assistance through Collaboration Agreements with Organisms, Administrations, Entities and non-profit making Associations of Europe.

Periodically we publish an informative file of the “Open Calls” for the different entities endorsed to our advising and information service. This file contains the co financing possible axes to which it is possible to accede, with the objective of diffusing the information.


  • Encourage the Participation of entities and people in projects and European initiatives establishing the appropriate mechanisms in the local entities.
  • Favour the contacts and collaborations of European field between entities and theirs citizens.
  • Administer the “ideas” of cooperation in a Sustainable way and in terms of equality between people.
  • Formulate and execute diffusion systems of the European Citizenship between the inhabitants of the European Union.