CULT- Youth Participation in Democracy for Cultural European Development

DSCF3739CULT supports the participation of youth with insertion problems in the democratic life of their regions, giving them the opportunity to publicize the initiative «European Capital of Culture”, designing a cultural work plan for their own cities based on the requirements of the call, and performing a joint proposal between the participating countries, to be sent to the Council of Ministers of the European Union. To get this, for 9 months, the partners will facilitate the dialogue between youth of the 6 participating countries, through networking, enabling them to acquire experience in concepts of representative democracy, in the terms of the call, and in European cultural policies, through seminars and local workshops.

The project will continue with an open discussion and approval of a program of cultural activities that young people will agree, through a simulation based on the work of the European Parliament. The project has been submitted to Youth in Action Call, Action 1.3, with six countries and twelve partners from the EU.

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