Ecobrigade, gobernance and organic production in the native guard of Cristianía (Colombia)

SDC10128The project starts from the needs identified during the implementation of «Ecobrigade and Organic Production in the native guard of Cristiania’, funded by the Government of Navarra in 2010. Based on these results, the local partner, the Indigenous Council of Christiania and the applicant AGP Group, have designed new actions seeking to secure a new sustainable community culture, the germ of which was born during the management of the first project in the area. This plan includes measures to support the people of the Embera Chami Guard in which the actions are located, through a sustainable strategy for the protection of natural resources by implementing a program for collecting and recycling waste, consolidating the indigenous guard during the first project and the association of organic coffee producers Asopick, the participation of the community through training in environmental awareness raising activities, and the supporting culture and crafts of the reservation. The project was submitted to the last cooperation call of the Government of Navarra 2011, with 80% financing.

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