The establishment of a new business is a vehicle for certain groups of immigrants to provide social integration in many countries. While it is true that part of the immigrant population includes highly skilled workers who find it easy to start a business, most of them have to deal with a number of disadvantages when starting a business. And sometimes often face trouble with other local businesses, beginning problems of understanding, prejudice on both sides, or to adapt to the customs of each country. The greatest difficulties are related to the lack of knowledge by the foreign entrepreneur on the sociocultural and legislative context, the legal and administrative requirements, lack of training in business management and social constraints of his immigrant role that comes to difficult relations with the environment.

On the other hand, the fact that an immigrant belonging to an ethnic community can encourage members of the community to support him, sharing some ethnic or regional origins, initiates a ‘ghettoization «of its offer and alienates nationals consumers.

Our project will seek to improve relationships among businesses, better integration in the market based on the knowledge of the needs of potential customers. It also tries to bring positions between local and immigrant entrepreneurs, improving access to financial resources, information and advice received by foreign entrepreneurs in each country. The main tool is networking with other European organizations.


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