A.G.P. Group is a non-profit association with expertise in the design and management of European projects under the funding programs of the European Union.

We provide services on European issues, strategic planning, local economic and institutional development, and international relations. We advise our clients in the submission of projects financed by the European Union, providing access to our portfolio of projects in different areas:

  • Local development.
  • Innovation.
  • Environment.
  • Research and development.
  • Culture.
  • Youth.
  • Sustainability.
  • Energy.
  • International cooperation.
  • Business Development.

Since 2005, A.G.P. Group has fully developed European projects for its customers in the framework of different programs: LIFE, INTERREG SUDOE, Atlantic Area, Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE), Erasmus+, Culture Programme, PROGRESS, COSME, LLP (2007-2013), Youth in Action (2007-2013), or Europe for Citizens.

Our organization provides technical assistance to its customers so that they can prepare their own projects, or to participate in activities promoted by other EU regions, highlighting the following actions:

  • Drafting, design, presentation and evaluation of proposals.
  • Identification of calls, timely and strategic information on current and future European funding initiatives.
  • Assistance in finding partners.
  • Design and presentation of competitive European proposals and contract negotiation.
  • Advice and management of projects not only in the European context but also in the international arena.
  • Project coordination, administrative and financial management including reporting to the European Commission, distribution of tasks and conflict resolution.
  • Mediation with managing authorities.

We offer and guarantee a trustable network of partners all over the world that allows us to raise the quality standards of our services.