entrepreneur-696962_1280Young, skilled, well–educated and still jobless. There´s a growing mismatch between the skills that young people have and the positions they are offered on the job market. Nowadays, young people find it hard to find positions that suit their qualifications and skills, accepting work for which they are overqualified.

In order to cope with the high youth unemployment, several partners in the EU will undertake this project, providing actions focused on making easier to find jobs and find solutions for their professional quality development in the job market. The economic crisis in Europe has been acompanied by growing insecurity within labour markets. This insecurity has impacted on the quality of the available jobs. This lack of opportunities has led many young people to accept whatever jobs are available, including those that do no match their preferences, increasing underemployment rates and a lack of progression. The EU has to overcome any skill mismatch in order to make effective use of its young talents, and to prevent the waste of its human capital. Through this project we will try to claim the status of these young people, sharing their suggestions, needs and claims. Fomento San Sebastian is the leader in this project, with 6 partners of the EU. The project has been submitted to Erasmus + call.

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