Work in tolerance

Romani people

Romani population in 2007

This project, territorial, develop measures and actions in several European cities, all with high percentages of roma population. For this, they will carry out awareness-raising, training and social dynamics, social and labor market, knowledge of migratory contexts and promoting the use of new information technologies and communication.

Activity plan will focus on the prevention of racism and xenophobia in the workplace, developing measures to raise awareness in native society on discrimination at work and how it contributes to exacerbate vulnerability and social exclusion of vulnerable groups, in this case, gipsy people, victims of vulnerability and social exclusion.

The project will work to achieve a better understanding of ongoing procedures, promote policy debate at national and European level, conduct research on existing procedures and ensure greater awareness among the public about peaceful coexistence, tolerance and behavior non-discriminatory. The project has been sent to JUST/2014/RRAC/AG call, with 11 partners from the EU.

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