Strengthening healthy habits through medicines in Karmata Rua, Colombia

Within the indigenous beliefs , health has a close relationship with spirituality and balance the body. In reguardo still survive – Jabanas traditional doctors who have this ancient wisdom; also have the attention of Western medicine where health services are first class ; Indians are affiliated with the Indian Health Association ARS -AIC. Thus the two coexist among indigenous medicines.

However, as time goes by they have been left behind certain activities, ancestral rituals and communal feasts of traditional medicine gradually with the death of the elderly is being lost. The overall project goal is to promote health through the western and traditional medicines in order to seek the welfare and enhance the quality of life by strengthening the identity of the population of the indigenous community of Karmata Rua – Cristiania (Colombia). It has been referred to the call for proposals of the City of Pamplona.

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