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Bridge-Bridging Cultural Divides Through Heritage


The focus of this project, submitted in 2010 to the Culture Programme, is the role for cultural heritage in mediation and peace-making processes following civil wars and internal conflict in modern and late modern society. The overall objective is to

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Surviving traditional handicrafts


The recognition of handicraft as part of European culture is the main reason for this project, sent in October 2010, to the call for proposals of the Culture Programme, with the participation of four countries: Turkey, United Kingdom, Lithuania and

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Ancient Pathos


The BOGA Network is involved in this project of the Culture Programme, together with other European countries: Greece, Italy, Denmark, and Spain. As a result, partners will set up a play that shows the symbols of the tragedies and myths

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IMEnet workplan


AGP group, as coordinator of the IMEnet Network, has designed the work plan of the network for next year 2011. The activities focus on topical issues such as European 2020 Strategy, the Lisbon Treaty, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and

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