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Protection, recovery, and enviromental education and Human Rights awareness for Colombia


This project is the scope of Indigenous Christiany of Colombia, with the Town of the local entity. The Indian group is recognized as one of the most vulnerable, which aims to restore and protect the natural environment through the development

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Y-Participation. Participation trough a youth democracy network


Youth participation in political life in Europe is one of the primary objectives of this project, presented the Youth in Action program in April, with the participation of two countries: Poland and Spain. The project creates a network of initiatives

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Draft improving the markerting of agricultural products in local Bolivia


The project aims at establishing a system to control and regulate the supply, through computers and program specific software such as technical product marketing in the Provinces of Florida, and Manuel María Caballero Vallegrande, located in the Department of Santa

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Enviromental protection an recovery in the southwest of indigenous guards in Colombia


The Project has been located in the indigenous reserves Chamíes from the southwest of Colombia. Christiania, Hermeregildo, Chakiama, Tascón Marcelino, Miguel Certiga Bernardino and Panchià, southwest of the Department of Antioquia in Colombia. The aim is to restore and protect

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Paint Europa


The project aims to increase cultural exchanges and the transnational circulation of artistic production, through various exhibitions whose underlying theme is multiculturalism. This will illustrate the influence of countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia and Italy through art, while documenting

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EX Professions Journeys in Pamplona

ex professions

On 15th and 16th of May, 2009, it took place a meeting of different NGO´s in Pamplona, Spain, with representatives from Poland, Greece, Bulgaria and Portugal to participate in the conference organized by the Spanish partner, AGP Group, to implement the

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Interethnic Social Awareness in the Local Community


Gipsies have lived in Pamplona in the last 50 years. Through time, they have settled mainly requirements of intervention of local authorities in three neighborhoods. The participants of this project will be non gipsies and gypsies living in the Old

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Awareness campaign to the Blood and Organ Donations for Roma people


Submitted to the Government of Navarre, the project aims to discover the reality of organ and blood donations that are made between the Gypsy and encourage such donations. Studies will be produced in donations over the past 3 years among

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Awareness of the Reduction in Alcohol and Drugs Consumption Between Roma Youth


The project seeks to know the extent of drug and alcohol use among young gipsies through a concrete and a real awareness program that makes use of social mechanisms for disseminating information, carrying out specific activities focusing on advertising and

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Cooking and Nutrition Workshop


The project consists of two cooking workshops geared to members of the Association of Gipsies in Navarre, in weekly sessions over six weeks of two hours, which promotes training in culinary skills as well as healthy family eating habits and

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