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RAIN Interregional Cooperation for Awareness in Natural resources management


The project is approached from a perspective of sustainability, through shared planning among the participating entities to ensure proper management of natural resources, assessing the potential of each area involved in the production of new energies, seeking to reduce energy

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Quali-Tour, Quality and Sustainability in Regional Tourism


It was created with the primary aim of preserving cultural heritage of each region, ensuring that citizens receive quality in transport, accommodation and a sustainable relationship between tourism and cultural diversity. This is made possible through the cooperation, as a

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The plan was submitted to INTERREG IVC Programme and its aims are to exchange, share and transfer experience, knowledge and good practices based on ICT, through interregional cooperation, to create a final study that includes the results of operations, and

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Labour practices in hairdresser’s enterprises of hairstyling’s students


The project is part of the European Programme “Leonardo Da Vinci.”, where 28 students from the Bretagne (France) made the training of hairdressers in Pamplona, in order to enhance the learning of practical knowledge acquired in their French studies, while

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