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Eye Mob


Our project aims to increase cooperation between European entrepreneurs, through the exchange of experiences and mobility, stimulating cooperation and networking among the business community by enabling new entrepreneurs spending periods of 1 to 6 months in enterprises run by experienced

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Among adolescents inactivity rates are progressively growing in Europe in advancing ages in both boys and girls, but these reductions are significantly higher in girls. According to regional studies, participation rates of boys in intense physical activity outside school hours

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Strengthening healthy habits through medicines in Karmata Rua, Colombia


Within the indigenous beliefs , health has a close relationship with spirituality and balance the body. In reguardo still survive – Jabanas traditional doctors who have this ancient wisdom; also have the attention of Western medicine where health services are

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The ILO reports have revealed that there is a proven link between youth unemployment and social exclusion. The inability to find employment creates a sense of worthlessness, and can raise crime rates, violence, conflicts and drug use among certain sectors

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Roma Train


Through the efforts and increasing participation in society, Roma women are making advances that affect their future, are becoming referents and are generating positive change , not only within the Roma community itself, but throughout the society . Analyzing the

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The project, referred to the call for Erasmus +, Strategic Partnerships, is aimed at young unemployed 16 to 30 years, with low levels of education, who do not find their first job, and seek to enter the labor market in

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This project tackles the gender problems and risks children from 3 to 12 years face when using new media and technologies. Despite risks, our intention is to not demonize new technologies. Since the most important places of learning stereotypes, attitudes

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That’s The Spirit!

Jovenes en paro

Precarious employment in Europe affects in an intense way to young people, determining their increased vulnerability, as the most affected age group. The main factors are, firstly, the level of training, to the extent that the crisis has affected the

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The European Commission has designated 2013 the “European Year of Citizens” to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the creation of the European Union citizenship. Active citizenship is related to a participatory attitude on the part of its citizens involved in

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This is a Green’s World


More than a third of the world’s youth are unemployed, as noted a recent OECD report, “unemployment is a risk factor for youth, threatening global integration in the society at large”. Currently in the world about 1,200 million young people

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